Aesthetics and Composites


Up until a few years ago composites were mainly used to fill posterior teeth whereas ceramic composites were the material of choice for anterior aesthetic restorations.

Nowadays, restorations using resin and composites on anterior teeth are also used successfully to give longer durability and good aesthetic results.

Over the last few years, advances in technology have given us improved composites which allow us to conserve the healthy dental tissue and obtain immediate results. (When ceramic restorations are used, the material must first be sent to a prosthesis laboratory.)

Moreover, the final cost to the patient is reduced and the odontologist can repair or touch up the material easily.

At CLINICA LLUCH we use the latest aesthetic nanocomposites which, when applied, achieve a polish, shine and natural look which is comparable with ceramic or enamel. The material blends to match the colour of the tooth and imitates the flexibility and wear and tear of dental tissues such as dentine or enamel.

Nanocomposites are used in the following treatments: simple fillings, semi-direct inlays on posterior teeth, aesthetic treatments on anterior teeth such as lengthening incisors (restoring worn down teeth), closing the gap between teeth, reconstruction of fractured teeth as well as repositioning teeth with minor tooth malposition (without orthodontics).

In general, two visits to the clinic are needed for aesthetic treatments using composites. First, we take photos and dental impressions of the mouth to create the diagnostic study model. Later, we do simulations using wax on the model or virtual simulations using the photos.

We then take all this information to create a mock-up which allows the patient to see exactly what the final result would look like.

In accordance with our commitment to eliminate potentially toxic components in all our treatments, we use composites which do not contain Bisfenol (BPA). (Note: the American Dental Association recommends the continued study of BPA but has not presented evidence regarding its toxicity.)

Dr. Antoni M. Lluch | Specialist in Stomatological Prosthesis, Dental Aesthetics and the TMJ Pathology

Dr. Marc Rovira | Endodontics and Dental Aesthetics Specialist

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