Aesthetic Odontology and Mock-Ups

Aesthetic odontology procedure

For aesthetic restorations and treatments to be carried out, the dentist must have the correct training, materials, skills and experience to be able to best reproduce the anatomy, colour and texture of the teeth. Even though the new teeth may look perfect, the patient will be disappointed with the final result if the new teeth do not work in harmony with the rest of their physical features.

We currently use materials (especially ceramic) that are excellent for reproducing the colour, texture, luminosity and fluorescence of real teeth.

It is impossible to generalise when designing a smile because everyone is different. In some cases, however, the end result will be difficult to achieve mainly because the patient’s expectations are unrealistic or because the skeletal pattern of the body makes it impossible to carry out the technique.

We evaluate and discuss the success of a possible treatment with the patient using a technique called Mock-up or modelling.

What is a Mock-up?

A mock-up is a way of creating the final result before treatment begins. First, we take models or registers of the patient’s mouth. Then we manually apply wax to the teeth and in this way start to temporarily improve the shape and form of the teeth. Finally, we take silicone impressions of the newly shaped teeth to be later transferred to the patient’s mouth using a composite. The best thing about the mock-up technique is that it does not affect the teeth in any way.

It is a way of experiencing what the patient’s new smile would look like before treatment begins.

The Mock-up technique allows the patient to fully visualize the final result of an aesthetic restorative treatment before deciding to start the procedure.

Dr. Antoni M. Lluch | Specialist in Stomatological Prosthesis, Dental Aesthetics and the TMJ Pathology

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