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Treatment rooms

There are four independent treatment rooms which are technologically equipped with all the instruments needed to provide treatments for our patients in a relaxed atmosphere.

Sterilization room

The sterilization room was designed with a view to easily clean, package and sterilize all dental instruments by following a strictly controlled process. Printed reports are registered and archived for all autoclave sterilization cycles together with the indicator strips for sterilization bags and the biological indicator for spore testing.

Radiology room

We are acutely aware of the harmful effects of ionizing radiation which is why we have been using intraoral digital radiography, an orthopantomograph and digital teleradiography as well as the latest CBVT since they appeared on the market. The use of this technology not only provides us with high resolution images with which to complete our diagnosis but also, and more importantly, at a 70 – 90% lower risk of exposure to radiation than with conventional radiology.

At CLINICA LLUCH we strictly adhere to the protocols and monitoring in radiological protection set out by the Nuclear Security Council.



The clinic has its own private computer network which staff can access from all areas of the clinic. Access and storage of patient information is protected by the Spanish Data Protection Act (LOPD). The clinic also adheres to the Patient Confidentiality Code of Practice for Dentists and Stomatologists in Spain.